Programs for Children

Education is about developing literacy, and literacy begins with the spoken language.

Workshops for Junior and Intermediate Divisions


  • dresses in costume
  • brings her "talking stick"
  • uses props with selected stories
  • encourages audience participation (with selected stories)
  • usually tells by candlelight
  • is experienced in telling to all ages, 5 to 95
  • provides 45 to 1hr and 15 minute presentations, an answer period, a quiet time to focus and reflect and a "story stone" to each student
  • when time permits, an opportunity for brief written feedback from students is given

Program Samples for Elementary Schools

  • Multicultural Stories: Around the World Tales
  • Tales about Bullies: relating folktales and reality
  • Stories of Feisty Girls and Plucky Women
  • Caring and Sharing Tales
  • Tales of Giants
  • Tales of Love and Courage
  • Into the Realm of Fairies
  • Christmas Tales
  • Tales for Halloween: Ghosts and Devils, Witches and Monsters
  • It All Started With an Apple
  • Scottish Tales
  • Tales of Old Ireland
  • Celtic Tales
  • Animal Tales: Fur & Feather, Flesh & Bone
  • Canadian, eh? - Historical Tales for Grades 6 to 8
  • Folktale Tapestry
  • Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses: Medieval Folktales
  • Quest Tales
  • Native Tales
  • Fascinating Tales From Canada's History (Grade 6 to Adult)

What kids say about Dianne

"I like how you used the candles and the room was in darkness."

"She told it like we were really there at the time all of this was happening." (grade 7 pupil)

"Although some of the words were hard to understand, (Old English, I guess), they didn't wreck the message, but enhanced it." (grade 8 pupil)

"I felt as though I was there with the wind blowing at me."

"I loved how she used different voices. It reminded me of music."